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Rapid Roofing Remover Rapid-Roof-Remover

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Rapid Roofing Remover Rapid-Roof-Remover

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Spec Sheet / Operators Manual:
Guide not available. (.pdf)
Weight 90 lbs.
Length 50 inches
Width 20 inches
Height 55 inches
Extra Video Links: Testimonial 1 Sold and Rented Here Do more jobs in less time and with less effort.  Payback in 3 to 5 jobs.  The Rapid Roof Remover will enable you to enjoy these benefits, increase your profits and the productivity of your crews.This AMERICAN-MADE, lightweight, PATENTED, pneumatic tool with its 30" heat treated tear-off blade is capable of removing a square of multi-layered shingles (we've removed up to 5 layers in 1 pass) and fasteners in 3 to 5 minutes. Adjustable to various pitch of roof, this powerful machine can also be used for the removal of most types of flooring, further increasing it's value for the Contractor and Rental Industry. A 4" blade is also available for the removal of hardwood glued to concrete. Call for Shipping Quote
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For more information about renting or buying Rapid Roofing Remover Rapid-Roof-Remover equipment, feel free to call or come in.


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